Back on the saddle
28 December 2019 - 1:23:48pm

After several years on inactivity, this website has been updated.. There are so many new entries that their is impossible to describe it all... Feel free to explore and drop my a line if you have any question...
A new SANDAL branch
30 July 2010 - 11:02:13am

Exciting news on the Sandal family... An exciting and surprising email by my new cousin Joshua, lead to having our two Sandal families linked together. His ancestor Jankel SANDAL was a brother to my 2nd Great-Grandfather Nisen SANDAL. Jankel\'s daughter Fraydla Ruchla SANDAL married Jonah Leybus LATOVITZKI and several of their descendants are now registered as part of the big SANDAL tree.

On other fronts, many more records were added and updated, in particular to the Slizak-Rybak branch, thanks to the amazing help I received from my Israeli cousin Miryam.
30 July 2010 - 11:01:14am

180 new names have been added since the last update, most notably an entire new Zylberkrantz-Zauberman branch provided by my new cousin Jamie. Berko ZOUBERMAN ‎(b:1856)‎ was a great-grandson to my 4th Great-Grandfather Zyskind ZYLBERKRANTZ ‎(~1791-1869)‎. His family tree spans over 11 children.

Finally, I obtained conclusive documentation clarifying the surname of my 2nd-Great Grandmother Matla SZULSZTEIN ‎(b:1842)‎. She was the grandmother of my Grandfather Israel SLIZAK ‎(1902-1980)‎.

Are we confused yet?
Uncle Max and the Rybak/Slizak connection
24 December 2007 - 4:01:02pm

After many years of hoping to solve the riddle of Max SPOSEEP ‎(b:1876, d:1937)‎, I finally managed to link this name to my Sposob family tree. Max ‎(Menachem Mendel)‎ - an elder brother to my great-grandfather Moshe Sposob- emigrated to the States leaving family behind. With help of several new family members I managed to put together his timeline and tree of descendants.

I also added many new names to the Slizak/Rybak family, descendants of my Great-Grandaunt Gitel Tova RYBAK nee SLIZAK. Gitel was sister to my Great-Grandfather Jankel Peltiel SLIZAK. My grandfather Israel used to say \"we are the last Slizak in the world\". I am glad to prove him wrong. Despite the tragedy of the Shoah, the Slizak family are very much out there.

In total, 180 names have been added to the database since September.
Feldmans back to the 1765\'s in Miedzyrzec Podlaski
2 September 2007 - 3:44:43pm

With the new documents received from the LDS, I can now trace back several generations of Feldmans living in Miedzyrzec, back to my 5th Great Grandfather ‎(!)‎ Melech FELDMAN with an estimated year of birth of 1765! My updated ancestry line:

- Hersko Slizak ‎(b:1930, d:2007)‎
- Sonia ‎(Schendla)‎ Feldman ‎(b:1904, d:1994)‎
- Jankel Feldman ‎(b:1876, d: abt 1943)‎
- Pesach Feldman ‎(b:1848, d:1914)‎
- Israel Elimelech ‎(Srol)‎ Feldman ‎(b: abt 1825, d:1888)‎
- Zelig Feldman ‎(b:1791, d:1861)‎
- Melech Feldman ‎(b: est 1765)‎

Some new branches were added to Zelig FELDMAN, Kiwa SZTEIN and Chaim Mordko WOLFSOHN\'s families. It\'s striking to see the very high death rate in children, showing the very difficult condition our ancestors lived in the early XIX century in Eastern Europe.

Finally, I am in the process to create an online album of photos and documents related to my genealogy. Still work in progress, but it can be visited here. Cousins, if you have anything to contribute to the photo album, please send it along!
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Yaacov Slizak Family Tree

18 June 2024 - 2:12:29pm
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Top 20 Surnames
   Total individuals: 747
Total Names: 20
On This Day ...
Cooper, Saul Saul18 June 1912112Birth 
Feldman, Joann Ruth Joann Ruth18 June 193094Birth 
Plevy, Jules Jules18 June 201014Death 
Yarkoni, Amir Amir18 June 195272Birth 

Total events: 4
Upcoming Events
Bleustein, Benjamin
Wasserman, Shirley
Benjamin19 June 192797Marriage 
Krug, Shirley Shirley19 June 193094Birth 
Rudomin, Freda Freda19 June 201014Death 
Szlizak, Srul
Arie, Bejla
Srul19 June 1870154Marriage 
Greenblo, Simon Simon20 June 197549Death 
Krugman, Sylka Sylka20 June 1838186Birth 
Rejsfeld, Baruch ‎(Binem)‎ Baruch (Binem)20 June 1912112Birth 
Sznizek, Zelik Zelik20 June 1846178Birth 
Sztejn, Chaja Sura Chaja Sura20 June 1835189Death 
Bursztyn, Kayla Kayla21 June 1887137Death 
Feldman, Jack ‎(Jacob)‎ Jack (Jacob)21 June 1907117Birth 
Lifland, Leonard Leonard21 June 193589Birth 
Magram, Hersch Ber
Brenner, Ita "Sura Yitta" "Sura Yitta"
Hersch Ber21 June 1872152Marriage 
Zauberman, Blima Blima21 June 1900124Death 
Fishman, Doris May Doris May22 June 199430Death 
Schechter, Jeanne Jeanne22 June 1923101Birth 
Wilson, Joseph Gordon Joseph Gordon22 June 193589Birth 
Feldman, Abraham ‎[Leyb]‎
Krugman, Sylka
Abraham [Leyb]23 June 1855169Marriage 
Feldman, Herman ‎(Hyman)‎ Herman (Hyman)23 June 1903121Birth 
Lifland, Leonard
Perles, Thelma
Leonard23 June 195668Marriage 
Norman, Abraham David
Morganstern, Ruth
Abraham David23 June 194876Marriage 
Ploit, Raquel ‎(Chaike)‎ Raquel (Chaike)23 June 193787Birth 
Burstein, Pauline N. Pauline N.24 June 192599Birth 
Greenblo, Ezra
Kingsbury, Anita
Ezra24 June 194579Marriage 
Heller, Samuel Erwin
Isberg, Dorothy
Samuel Erwin24 June 1923101Marriage 
Cooperstein, Harris ‎(Harry)‎
Asher, Augusta
Harris (Harry)25 June 1913111Marriage 
Dunsky, Deanna Deanna25 June 193886Birth 
Feldman, Bonnie Bonnie25 June 194579Birth 
Gurfinkiel, Icek
Szysel, Ruchla
Icek25 June 1863161Marriage 
Kumove, Miriam Miriam25 June 200915Death 
Yerzy, Eric Eric25 June 201113Death 
Bleustein, Hannah ‎(Chana)‎ Hannah (Chana)26 June 1897127Birth 
Engler, Sylvia Sylvia26 June 199331Death 
Nudelberg, Szmul Szmul26 June 1855169Death 
Rosenbaum, Israel Melech
Rosenbloom, Frajdl
Israel Melech26 June 193490Marriage 
Zafryn, Syrka Ruchla Syrka Ruchla26 June 1838186Birth 
Collins, Ellen Lydia Ellen Lydia27 June 200123Death 
Gessler, Barbara E. ‎(Babs)‎ Barbara E. (Babs)27 June 201212Death 
Jäger, León León27 June 196460Death 
Wajsglus, Meshulam Kaufman ‎(Koifche)‎ Meshulam Kaufman (Koifche)27 June 197252Death 
Wolfson, Fradel Fradel27 June 1847177Birth 
Zafryn, Joel Ber Joel Ber27 June 1846178Death 
Cooper, Howard Irwin Howard Irwin28 June 200420Death 
Shapiro, Cecil
Gorman, Blanche
Cecil28 June 193193Marriage 
Bluestein, Gertrude Gertrude29 June 1914110Birth 
Feldman, Dr. Saul M. Dr. Saul M.29 June 200123Death 
Litwin, Isadore Isadore29 June 198242Death 
Sandal, Ester Ester29 June 1827197Death 
Sandal, Fayga Gitla Fayga Gitla29 June 1847177Birth 
Zechman, Manuel ‎(Mendel)‎
Isberg, Bess
Manuel (Mendel)29 June 194381Marriage 
Adleman, Walter Frederick Walter Frederick30 June 196955Death 
Cytryn, Bejla Bejla30 June 1894130Death 
Krefman, Bess ‎(Pessa)‎ Bess (Pessa)30 June 1916108Birth 
Robinson, Phyllis Winifred Elvira Phyllis Winifred Elvira30 June 1909115Birth 
Zauberman, Rywka ‎(Rywa, Regina)‎ Rywka (Rywa30 June 194183Death 
Farber, Elisa Elisa1 July 192896Birth 
Fealk, Shirley Ann Shirley Ann1 July 199529Death 
Feldman, Jankel Jankel1 July 1876148Birth 
Friedman, Robert Korn
Heller, Lenore
Robert Korn1 July 194876Marriage 
Grauer, Alan Martin
Alan Martin1 July 194579Marriage 
Heller, Samuel Erwin Samuel ErwinJuly 195569Death 
Isberg, Donald George Donald George1 July 192896Birth 
Ploit, Rose ‎(Reizel)‎ Rose (Reizel)about July 1887137Birth 
Ponic, Icko Hersz
Zafryn, Gitla Reshe ‎(Gertrude)‎
Icko Hersz1 July 1862162Marriage 
Saflarsky, Pauline Louise Pauline Louise1 July 1920104Birth 
Zeiderman, Philip Philipabout July 197450Death 
‎(unknown)‎, Fejga Fejga2 July 1855169Death 
Brenner, Ita "Sura Yitta" "Sura Yitta" Ita "Sura Yitta" "Sura Yitta"2 July 1909115Death 
Ploit, José ‎(Chaskel)‎ José (Chaskel)2 July 1922102Birth 
Szylit, Wolf Wolf2 July 1921103Birth 
Fealk, Philip Peter Philip Peter3 July 1909115Birth 
Goldband, Leo
Letty, Ruth
Leo3 July 194777Marriage 
Magram, Jack ‎(Jacob)‎
Sussman, Sara
Jack (Jacob)3 July 193094Marriage 
Mintz, Chaim Chaim3 July 199628Death 
Rubinsztejn, Mordko Mordko3 July 1924100Birth 
Slizak, Srul Manysz Srul Manysz3 July 1847177Death 
Aronstein, Jennie Jennie4 July 1889135Birth 
Krefman, Rose Lorraine Rose Lorraine4 July 192797Birth 
Shapiro, Barry Norton Barry Norton4 July 193688Birth 
Harris, Kate ‎(Kaylah)‎ Kate (Kaylah)5 July 196658Death 
Kleiner, Marie Marie5 July 1914110Birth 
Stone, Simon Simon5 July 1857167Birth 
Eichenblatt, Ludovico Ludovico6 July 200123Death 
Feldman, Barbara Gail Barbara Gail6 July 195173Birth 
Katz, ‎[Szmul]‎ Leib
Gurfinkiel, ‎[Bajla]‎ Ruchla
[Szmul] Leib6 July 1865159Marriage 
Nudelberg, Josel Mordko Josel Mordko6 July 1866158Birth 
Strauss, Deborah Patricia Deborah Patricia6 July 195272Birth 
Farber, Reina ‎(Malka)‎ Reina (Malka)7 July 197747Death 
Gladstone, Leroy Louis Leroy Louis7 July 1912112Birth 
Kass, Sidney J Sidney J7 July 196658Death 
Saflarsky, Pauline Louise Pauline Louise8 July 198935Death 
Zylberpic, Mejer Mejer8 July 200915Death 
Basoalto, Rubén Ricardo Rubén Ricardo9 July 194777Birth 
Guitter, Mauricio Mauricio9 July 193094Birth 
Leigh, Monty Monty9 July 20186Death 
Wechsler, Isabelle ‎(Belle)‎ Isabelle (Belle)9 July 1911113Birth 
Wolfman, Gregorio Gregorio9 July 193094Birth 
Blausztejn, Szajndla ‎(Sabina)‎ Szajndla (Sabina)10 July 1886138Birth 
Kristovsky, Gil Gil10 July 196163Birth 
Nudelberg, Binia Binia10 July 1911113Birth 
Cooper, Michael Allen Michael Allen11 July 200519Death 
Gross ‎(Grosshandler)‎, David David11 July 196757Death 
Jay, Abraham ‎(Alfred)‎
Adleman, Freda Lily
Abraham (Alfred)11 July 194084Marriage 
Magram, Stanley Stanley11 July 193193Birth 
Mauer, Pedro Pedro11 July 196460Death 
Sposeep, Dr. Manuel Dr. Manuel11 July 1921103Birth 
Sposeep, Samuel Samuel11 July 1921103Birth 
Sposeep, Theodore Mac
Jordan, Willena F.
Theodore Mac11 July 197846Marriage 
Bleustein, Benjamin Benjamin12 July 1903121Birth 
Feldman, Jankel Hersz
Gniper, Dwora
Jankel Hersz12 July 1865159Marriage 
Korgood, John ‎(Jack)‎ John (Jack)12 July 1908116Birth 
Magram, Sura Basia Sura Basia12 July 1900124Death 
Schwartz, Jeanette Jeanette12 July 197153Death 
Sposeep, Isaac A. Isaac A.12 July 1911113Birth 
Isberg, Ralph
Zylberkrantz, Freda
Ralph13 July 1901123Marriage 
Kass, Sidney J
Gorman, Celia ‎(Ceil, Tzvia)‎
Sidney J13 July 193094Marriage 
Kirszenboym, Jakob
Sztejn, Sura Fajga
Jakob13 July 1827197Marriage 
Koltunoff, Gilda Gilda13 July 201311Death 
Tarter, Sanford Marc ‎(Sandy)‎
Sanford Marc (Sandy)13 July 198638Marriage 
Feldman, Rabbi Pesach Rabbi Pesach14 July 1914110Death 
Glatt, Clare Lilian Clare Lilian14 July 199529Death 
Isberg, George M George M14 July 197549Death 
Weisman, Phillip David Phillip David14 July 193490Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, Minah Minah15 July 1915109Death 
Degenszejn, Tobias ‎(Tobiasz, Tuwia)‎ Tobias (Tobiasz15 July 1881143Birth 
Schwartz, Jeanette Jeanette15 July 1890134Birth 
Zylberkrantz, Ruchla Ruchla15 July 1837187Birth 
Slizak, Jankiel
Mendelcweig, Chaja
Jankiel16 July 1840184Marriage 
Howard, Arthur Arthur17 July 1912112Birth 
Liponetsky, Sara Sara17 July 1914110Birth 
Slutzky, Sofía Berta Sofía Berta17 July 201113Death 
Sztejn, Wolf
‎(unknown)‎, Brucha Zelkowa
Wolf17 July 1826198Marriage 
Cooper, Maurice Lionel Maurice Lionel18 July 1888136Birth 
Domb ‎(Dab)‎, Mendel
Ruzal, Leja
Mendel18 July 1869155Marriage 
Fleischbein, Helen Helen18 July 194876Birth 
Hershberg, Samuel ‎(Sam, Simcha)‎ Samuel (Sam18 July 199331Death 
Kleiner, Gerald Gerald18 July 200816Death 
Rozenfajn, Brandla Brandla18 July 1895129Death 
Wechsler, Isabelle ‎(Belle)‎ Isabelle (Belle)18 July 200519Death 

Total events: 139