Back on the saddle
28 December 2019 - 1:23:48pm

After several years on inactivity, this website has been updated.. There are so many new entries that their is impossible to describe it all... Feel free to explore and drop my a line if you have any question...
A new SANDAL branch
30 July 2010 - 11:02:13am

Exciting news on the Sandal family... An exciting and surprising email by my new cousin Joshua, lead to having our two Sandal families linked together. His ancestor Jankel SANDAL was a brother to my 2nd Great-Grandfather Nisen SANDAL. Jankel\'s daughter Fraydla Ruchla SANDAL married Jonah Leybus LATOVITZKI and several of their descendants are now registered as part of the big SANDAL tree.

On other fronts, many more records were added and updated, in particular to the Slizak-Rybak branch, thanks to the amazing help I received from my Israeli cousin Miryam.
30 July 2010 - 11:01:14am

180 new names have been added since the last update, most notably an entire new Zylberkrantz-Zauberman branch provided by my new cousin Jamie. Berko ZOUBERMAN ‎(b:1856)‎ was a great-grandson to my 4th Great-Grandfather Zyskind ZYLBERKRANTZ ‎(~1791-1869)‎. His family tree spans over 11 children.

Finally, I obtained conclusive documentation clarifying the surname of my 2nd-Great Grandmother Matla SZULSZTEIN ‎(b:1842)‎. She was the grandmother of my Grandfather Israel SLIZAK ‎(1902-1980)‎.

Are we confused yet?
Uncle Max and the Rybak/Slizak connection
24 December 2007 - 4:01:02pm

After many years of hoping to solve the riddle of Max SPOSEEP ‎(b:1876, d:1937)‎, I finally managed to link this name to my Sposob family tree. Max ‎(Menachem Mendel)‎ - an elder brother to my great-grandfather Moshe Sposob- emigrated to the States leaving family behind. With help of several new family members I managed to put together his timeline and tree of descendants.

I also added many new names to the Slizak/Rybak family, descendants of my Great-Grandaunt Gitel Tova RYBAK nee SLIZAK. Gitel was sister to my Great-Grandfather Jankel Peltiel SLIZAK. My grandfather Israel used to say \"we are the last Slizak in the world\". I am glad to prove him wrong. Despite the tragedy of the Shoah, the Slizak family are very much out there.

In total, 180 names have been added to the database since September.
Feldmans back to the 1765\'s in Miedzyrzec Podlaski
2 September 2007 - 3:44:43pm

With the new documents received from the LDS, I can now trace back several generations of Feldmans living in Miedzyrzec, back to my 5th Great Grandfather ‎(!)‎ Melech FELDMAN with an estimated year of birth of 1765! My updated ancestry line:

- Hersko Slizak ‎(b:1930, d:2007)‎
- Sonia ‎(Schendla)‎ Feldman ‎(b:1904, d:1994)‎
- Jankel Feldman ‎(b:1876, d: abt 1943)‎
- Pesach Feldman ‎(b:1848, d:1914)‎
- Israel Elimelech ‎(Srol)‎ Feldman ‎(b: abt 1825, d:1888)‎
- Zelig Feldman ‎(b:1791, d:1861)‎
- Melech Feldman ‎(b: est 1765)‎

Some new branches were added to Zelig FELDMAN, Kiwa SZTEIN and Chaim Mordko WOLFSOHN\'s families. It\'s striking to see the very high death rate in children, showing the very difficult condition our ancestors lived in the early XIX century in Eastern Europe.

Finally, I am in the process to create an online album of photos and documents related to my genealogy. Still work in progress, but it can be visited here. Cousins, if you have anything to contribute to the photo album, please send it along!
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Beltzer, Sadie Alice Sadie Alice31 January 1906117Birth 
Waldman, Sylvia Sylvia31 January 198538Death 
Cooper, Ellis Aubrey Ellis AubreyFebruary 1917106Birth 
Cooper, Ellis Aubrey
Laredo, Betty H.
Ellis Aubreyabout February 194875Marriage 
Ederer, Salomón Salomón1 February 1909114Birth 
Ellish, Milton Milton1 February 196657Death 
Gordon, Fred Fred1 February 20149Death 
Magram, ‎[Joel]‎ Wolf [Joel] Wolf1 February 1877146Birth 
Matlow, Bluma Bluma1 February 199231Death 
Sposob, Margarita
img src="themes/xenea/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />February 196261Marriage 
Rozenwald, Bela ‎(Bajla)‎ Bela (Bajla)February 198142Death 
Shapiro, Cecil Cecil1 February 1908115Birth 
Trumkowska, Molly MollyFebruary 1880143Birth 
Cohen, Lynn Jeanette Lynn Jeanette2 February 197251Birth 
Fenton, Paul Howard ‎(Pesach)‎ Paul Howard (Pesach)2 February 199132Death 
Isberg, Samuel Samuel2 February 1872151Birth 
Rybak, Morris ‎(Moshe)‎ Morris (Moshe)2 February 1919104Birth 
Solomon, Max Max2 February 1911112Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, Perl Perl3 February 193291Death 
Gorman, Celia ‎(Ceil, Tzvia)‎ Celia (Ceil3 February 197350Death 
Lichtsztejn, Boris Boris3 February 200221Death 
Milbaujer, Bela Ruchla Bela Ruchla3 February 1904119Birth 
Plot, Ziva ‎(Sprinca)‎ Ziva (Sprinca)3 February 198934Death 
Feldman, Rochelle Rochelle4 February 201211Death 
Harris, Rebecca Lee
img src="themes/xenea/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />4 February 197845Marriage 
Stoller, Jennie Jennie4 February 197152Death 
Waisgluss, Fernando Fernando4 February 192994Birth 
Feldman, Max ‎(Mordechai)‎ Max (Mordechai)5 February 195271Death 
Berman, David David6 February 199330Death 
Bluestein, Isidore ‎(Izhak David)‎ Isidore (Izhak David)6 February 194281Death 
Mauer, Pedro Pedro6 February 193093Birth 
Perlman, Sadie ‎(Syd)‎ Sadie (Syd)6 February 1906117Birth 
Sandal, Jankel Jankel6 February 1822201Birth 
Wolfman, Gregorio Gregorio6 February 199132Death 
Domb ‎(Dab)‎, Judko Jankiel Judko Jankiel7 February 1861162Birth 
Edelstein, Eleanor Eleanor7 February 1923100Birth 
Finkelstein, Gad Gad7 February 20167Death 
Kupersztejn, Bella Dinah ‎(Dina)‎ Bella Dinah (Dina)7 February 195271Death 
Magram, Nathan ‎(Ned)‎ Nathan (Ned)7 February 1903120Birth 
Krefman, Dorothy Ilene Dorothy Ilene8 February 192499Birth 
Montgomery, Norman Paul Norman Paul8 February 194578Birth 
Nudelberg, Josef Mordko
Sandal, Sura
Josef Mordko8 February 1825198Marriage 
Starck, Elida Elida8 February 200815Death 
Sztejn, Wolf Wolf8 February 1838185Death 
Szulsztayn, Jankel Leybus Jankel Leybus8 February 1841182Death 
Bleustein, Paul Kenneth Paul Kenneth9 February 192994Birth 
Greenblo, Ezra Ezra9 February 200419Death 
Schaengold, Richard Richard9 February 192796Birth 
Zylberpic, Mejer Mejer9 February 1898125Birth 
Brillstein, Louis ‎(Szlema Lejb)‎
Lewis, Lillian ‎(Lillie)‎
Louis (Szlema Lejb)10 February 192499Marriage 
Guiter, León ‎(Leip, Leibe)‎ León (Leip10 February 200617Death 
Lerman, Abraham Abraham10 February 197548Death 
Magram, Nathan ‎(Ned)‎ Nathan (Ned)10 February 197449Death 
Sandal, Tauba ‎[Rayzla]‎ Tauba [Rayzla]10 February 1859164Death 
Brunner, Beatrice Alexandra Beatrice Alexandra11 February 197152Death 
Lerman, Abraham Abraham11 February 1912111Birth 
Spatz, Benjamin ‎(Bennie)‎ Benjamin (Bennie)11 February 1909114Birth 
Tandter, Yona Yona11 February 192697Birth 
Dunsky, Deanna Deanna12 February 20158Death 
Katz, Michel Michel12 February 1868155Birth 
Kleiner, Harris ‎(Chaim Hirsch)‎
Katz, Neche
Harris (Chaim Hirsch)12 February 1887136Marriage 
Sandal, Malka Malka12 February 1876147Birth 
Ejnman, Jankiel
Sandal, Ruchla
Jankiel13 February 1829194Marriage 
Guiter, Ernesto ‎(Moishe)‎ Ernesto (Moishe)13 February 192796Birth 
Sztejn, Dwora Dwora13 February 1834189Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, Malka Malka14 February 1835188Death 
Cooper, Jack Jack14 February 1907116Birth 
Gurfinkiel, Josef
Bursztyn, Kayla
Josef14 February 1842181Marriage 
Zeiderman, Rene Rene14 February 1921102Birth 
Zylberkrantz, Zyskind Zyskind14 February 1869154Death 
Rybak, Symcha Symcha15 February 1901122Birth 
Sokoloff, Louis
Krefman, Dorothy Ilene
Louis15 February 194578Marriage 
Stampler, John
John15 February 195370Marriage 
Sztejn, Benjamin Benjamin15 February 1863160Birth 
Waisgluss, Fernando Fernando15 February 201013Death 
Hewitt, Dawn Dawn16 February 196558Birth 
Nudelberg, Josef Chaim Josef Chaim16 February 1865158Birth 
Cymbler, David Salomón David Salomón17 February 199033Death 
Finkelstein, Berko Dov Berko Dov17 February 1914109Birth 
Goran, Dorothy J. Dorothy J.17 February 1922101Birth 
Gurfinkiel, Herszek
Licht, Eta Liba
Herszek17 February 1867156Marriage 
Schkolnik, Sonia Sonia17 February 193093Birth 
Feldman, Herman ‎(Hyman)‎ Herman (Hyman)18 February 197350Death 
Gebiner, Morris Morris18 February 1895128Birth 
Sposeep, Jerome Maurice Jerome Maurice18 February 200617Death 
Trumkowska, Molly Molly18 February 196855Death 
Wilson, Georgia Ann Georgia Ann18 February 195667Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, Fradla Fradla19 February 1844179Death 
Feldman, Bonnie Bonnie19 February 194380Birth 
Slizak, Shlomo Dawid
Szulsztayn, Matla
Shlomo Dawid19 February 1861162Marriage 
Szulsztayn, Pelta Peltabefore 19 February 1861162Death 
Weigel, Evelyn Evelyn19 February 192895Birth 
Krefman, Edythe Elaine Edythe Elaine20 February 198835Death 
Laredo, Betty H. Betty H.20 February 200419Death 
Linzer, Sara Sara20 February 194578Birth 
Ploit, Raquel ‎(Chaike)‎
img src="themes/xenea/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />20 February 195865Marriage 
Sandal, David David20 February 1827196Birth 
Sokoloff, Louis Louis20 February 1914109Birth 
Sztejn, Hersz Chajm
Prezajzen, Udla ‎(Hendla, Hodla)‎
Hersz Chajm20 February 1861162Marriage 
Guitter, Mauricio Mauricio21 February 201211Death 
Moll, Frances Frances21 February 200716Death 
Cooper, Paul D. Paul D.22 February 1920103Birth 
Rybak, Hersch Hersch22 February 1902121Birth 
Taub, Harry Harry22 February 193588Birth 
Nudelman, Sara Sara23 February 1905118Birth 
Isberg, Max Melvin Max Melvin24 February 1908115Birth 
Kessler, Gregorio Gregorio24 February 192994Birth 
Magram, Hersch Ber Hersch Ber24 February 1892131Death 
Sandal, Moszko Moszko24 February 1833190Death 
Bluestein, Sylvia Sylvia25 February 200221Death 
Gorman, Evelyn Evelyn25 February 200716Death 
Karduner, Sara ‎(Dine)‎ Sara (Dine)25 February 198043Death 
Rudomin, Freda Freda25 February 1916107Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, Cywia Cywia26 February 1851172Death 
Degenszejn, Jerszy ‎(George, Israel)‎ Jerszy (George26 February 1908115Birth 
Jamnik, Jurek Jurek26 February 192499Birth 
Pappe, Leon David Leon David26 February 1906117Birth 
Ridelnik, Isaac Isaac26 February 198736Death 
Weinrod, Emanuel ‎(Manny)‎ Emanuel (Manny)26 February 192994Birth 
Zylberkrantz, Freda Freda26 February 197647Death 
Magram, Irving ‎(Isaac, Isidore)‎ Irving (Isaac27 February 1901122Birth 
Queler, Moe
Bluestein, Esther
Moe27 February 1910113Marriage 
Bloom, Jacob ‎(Jack)‎ Jacob (Jack)28 February 200320Death 
Bluestein, Jacob ‎(Jankel Michal)‎
Ponic, Anna ‎(Chane)‎
Jacob (Jankel Michal)28 February 1881142Marriage 
Eilgarten, Sara Sara28 February 1897126Birth 
Leveson, Dorothy ‎(Dolly)‎ Dorothy (Dolly)28 February 200320Death 
Lis, Jorge
Lejbman, Sonia ‎(Sheindel)‎
Jorge28 February 194677Marriage 
Sztejn, Zelko Zelko28 February 1868155Birth 
Visnovsky, Luis Luis28 February 1908115Birth 
Bluestein, Benjamin ‎(Berl, Ben)‎
Herskowitz, Sarah
Benjamin (Berl1 March 1914109Marriage 
Cooperstein, Barnett ‎(Baruch)‎ Barnett (Baruch)March 1856167Birth 
Fiszbejn, Chaim Mejer Chaim MejerMarch 194479Death 
Kupersztejn, Bella Dinah ‎(Dina)‎ Bella Dinah (Dina)March 1877146Birth 
Leveson, Abraham Ariyeh
Sandal, Zisel
Abraham Ariyeh1 March 1890133Marriage 
Plot, Abraham AbrahamMarch 1911112Birth 
Rosenbloom, Frajdl Frajdlabout March 197845Death 
Rubinsztejn, Alter Bencjon Alter Bencjon1 March 1922101Birth 
Sussman, Sara SaraMarch 197548Death 
Szlachtman, Moszko Jankel
Sandal, Tauba ‎[Rayzla]‎
Moszko Jankel1 March 1850173Marriage 
Sztejn, Jacob ‎(Kiwa)‎ Jacob (Kiwa)1 March 1908115Death 
Tohn, Henrietta ‎(Yetta)‎ Henrietta (Yetta)1 March 200023Death 
WAJSGLUS, Szaja Szajabefore March 1860163Death 
Wasserman, Sam Sam1 March 1911112Birth 
Weigel, Evelyn EvelynMarch 198538Death 
Zamdperel, Natalie NatalieMarch 197845Death 

Total events: 145