Chiel Lechner?  ‎(I180)‎
Given Names: Chiel
Surname: Lechner?

Gender: MaleMale

Personal Facts and Details
Marriage Marriage Rose ‎(Reizel)‎ Ploit -
Death Death

Cause of death: Tuberculosis
Globally unique Identifier 656AE851DFCF425697D968DB9CF54CEECC79
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Immediate Family  (F55)
Rose ‎(Reizel)‎ Ploit
1887 - 1955
Issay ‎(Israel, Izzy)‎ Kleiner
1907 - 1960


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Alternative names : Chiel, Yechiel ‎(as per Sarah Kleiner)‎.
KLECHNER ? - Surname as for Gerald Kleiner recollections.

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Close Relatives
Family with Rose ‎(Reizel)‎ Ploit
Rose ‎(Reizel)‎ Ploit ‎(I60)‎
Birth about July 1887
Death 1 June 1955 ‎(Age 67)‎ London, England

Issay ‎(Israel, Izzy)‎ Kleiner ‎(I181)‎
Birth 21 November 1907 20 Vladimir-Volynskiy, Vladimir-Volynskiy, , , Ukraine
Death 28 March 1960 ‎(Age 52)‎ Marylebone, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom