Fajga Payka ‎(unknown)‎  ‎(I2258)‎
Given Names: Fajga Payka

Gender: FemaleFemale

Death: Yes
Personal Facts and Details
Marriage Marriage Mordka Grynberg -
Death DeathYes
Globally unique Identifier B1F1716A705445CBB5D60CBE0485A0966565
Last Change Last Change 26 September 2012 - 20:55
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Immediate Family  (F784)
Mordka Grynberg
- 1880
Ester Grynberg
1862 - 1911

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Close Relatives
Family with Mordka Grynberg
Mordka Grynberg ‎(I2257)‎
Death before 30 July 1880

Ester Grynberg ‎(I1814)‎
Birth about 1862
Death 5 June 1911 ‎(Age 49)‎ Cape Town, , Western Cape, South Africa