Rosa Lea Jäger ‎[Rettig?]‎  ‎(I733)‎
Given Names: Rosa Lea
Surname: Jäger ‎[Rettig?]‎

Gender: FemaleFemale

Death: Yes
Personal Facts and Details
Marriage Marriage Mario Rettig ‎[Jäger?]‎ -
Death DeathYes
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Immediate Family  (F236)
Mario Rettig ‎[Jäger?]‎
León Jäger
1881 - 1964

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Close Relatives
Family with Mario Rettig ‎[Jäger?]‎

León Jäger ‎(I175)‎
Birth 18 March 1881 Kulikov, Kulikov, , , Ukraine
Death 27 June 1964 ‎(Age 83)‎ Buenos Aires, Argentina